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Online item and inventory management

The Lend Library makes it easy to keep track of thousands of items of many types. For each item, track who has it, and where it is. If it’s been loaned or rented out, then also when the loan is due to end.

Item location tracking

Lend Library supports multiple locations which reflect your physical storage areas, or repair / maintenance centres.

You can set locations as “unavailable” - which is handy when an item is not on loan, but you want to prevent anyone from lending it out or renting it. Typically you’d create unavailable locations for items being repaired, cleaned or checked.

Extend your data using custom fields

You can add extra database fields to items, which can be used in reports and also shown on the item list. Item fields can be set up to show on your member website too. Reports can be grouped by custom field, so you can see exactly what's being lent or rented segmented using your extra custom data.

Easy item image management

Upload as many images as you like to your items. We'll re-size them into a large (about 400px) and a thumbnail (about 120px). If you need to rotate pictures, you can do that after you've uploaded. Choose the picture you want as your main image, and you're all set. No need to deal with image management software like Photoshop.

Attach files

If you need to store instruction manuals, service plans, or any other document with an item, it's easy to upload and store online. You can also choose for files to be sent to the borrower / renter when they check out the item - perfect for safety manuals.

Maintenance and repair

Move items around between locations without creating a loan or rental - say an item was damaged and you wanted to move it to the “repair” location. When you move an item, you can add a note and a cost, perhaps the cost of spare parts replaced. You can report later on the costs associated with an item, and see the notes in the item history.

Item locations can be set as “not available”, so while the item is in that location, it cannot be lent out. Use multiple unavailable locations to support a more complex workflow of maintenance and repair.

When you move an item you can also assign it to one of your team members. When something needs repairing or cleaning, you assign it to a technician with some brief instructions. They will receive an email notification, and can easily see the items assigned to them when they log in. You can assign an item to someone without moving it, too. When the repair is done, they will use the same “move / assign” process to un-assign the item, and perhaps move it to an available location. They can add a note or cost at this point, too.

If an item is in a location that’s been set as “not available”, the item is shown as “on hold”.