Features » Payment processing software for lending libraries and rental companies

Payments and fees

Configurable lending / rental fee structure

When items are lent or rented out, you can charge a number of types of fee:

  • A one-off charge per loan/rental that’s applied at check-out.
  • Per-period fees - calculated based on the number of days the item is due to be loaned. This is the amount used to calculate any extra amount you might want to charge when extending the return date.
  • A fixed fee per item, in addition to or in place of the per-rental charge.
  • A fixed charge when a reservation is made. This can be applied to the customer/member account at the time they place the reservation, or it can be charged when items are checked out.
  • Fines can be charged to the customer/member account when you return items later than they were due to be returned.
  • Miscellaneous charges and fees can be applied at any time to a loan or rental.

Member and customer account balance

Many organisations have regular members or customers who don't want to pay every time for a rental or loan. Simply add funds to a member account and put charges against this balance.

Refundable deposits

Lend Library has support for refundable deposits on all or certain items, with the ability to override the deposit amount on a per-rental basis. If the deposit is taken using credit card via our Stripe integration, then the deposit is automatically refunded when the item is checked back in again.

Support for credit card payments via Stripe

Use our integration with Stripe to take payment from customers or members by credit card. Currently this is only on-screen (no chip-and-pin, contactless or card swipe device support).

You can choose for Stripe to retain card information for customers or members, so that next time payment is required from them, they simply need to choose a previous card. We don't store any card details on the Lend Library system; it's all handled securely by Stripe.

Payment reporting

Detailed payment reports are available, which can be exported to CSV for import into accounting software, or for reconciliation.